Francesca, a professional rhythmic gymnast from Italy, has dedicated over 16 years of her life to honing her skills in the sport. Competing in the top division of the Italian Serie A championship in her hometown of Milan, she has showcased her talent and passion. After retiring as a gymnast, Francesca transitioned into coaching, sharing her expertise with gymnasts at both the national and international levels in Italy.

In 2018, Francesca made a significant move to Alexandria, Egypt, where she assumed the role of head coach for a prestigious rhythmic gymnastics club. Her experience and knowledge allowed her to guide gymnasts in their pursuit of excellence.

The following year, in 2019, Francesca embarked on a new chapter in her career by relocating to the United States. She immersed herself in the rhythmic gymnastics community, working in various centers dedicated to the sport. As a registered coach for USA Gymnastics, she actively participated in regional and national competitions, lending her guidance and expertise to aspiring gymnasts in the United States.