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Can be rented for:

  • Filming
  • Birthday Parties
  • Yoga Classes
  • Workouts
  • Aikido Training
  • Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Zumba Classes
  • Private Lessons for Personal Trainers
  • And More …

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Call for Pricing

Production companies have been relying on the Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center and our premier storehouse of high caliber gymnastics equipment for years.

Our team, facility, and superior quality equipment are all on hand for any of your TV, film, and photo projects.

Our staff is happy to assist production rentals by reviewing our comprehensive range of inventory items that span from Women’s equipment to Men’s equipment and from balance beams to tumble mats and everything in between.

Inventory Items:

Equipment Size Quantity Available
1 Free Standing Uneven Parallel Bars
2 Men’s Parallel Bars
Men’s Hi-Bars
14×7 2 Trampoline
9×6 Trampoline
30×6.5 1 Tumble Track
2 Large Spotting Blocks
2 Medium Spotting Blocks
3 Mens Pommel Horses
5 Ultra Domes
2 Mini Tramps
3 Chalk Towers
2 Mini Parallel Bars
1 Mens Ring’s Tower
5 Spring Boards
16′ 2 Regulation Balance Beams
5 Small Practice Floor Balance Beams
6×40 7 Carpet Rolls
2 Climbing Ropes
3 Spotting Rigs
42×42 1 Tan Carpet
40×40 1 Composite Spring Floor
1 Jungle Gym
6×12 6 Tumble Mats
4×8 10 Tumble Mats
4 Crash Pits
5×10 6 Crash Mats
1 AIA Men’s Vault
3×80 1 Vault Runway
16×16 1 Red Wrestling Mat
1 Portable Wood Rings

Reliable Production Rentals for Movies & More

Are you working in production for movies, TV, or photo shoots? Are you interested in acquiring high-quality and functional production rentals and equipment? Do you need your production rentals quick and ready for pickup within 24 hours or less?

If so, you have found the best providers of production rentals when it comes to gymnastics and other gym equipment. Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center is the industry leader in production rentals for high caliber gymnastics equipment, consulting, movie/TV production sets and props.

We are the leader when it comes to our training facilities for your casting or call backspace with competitive rates, high caliber spotters, safety equipment and a dedicated casting area in our Olympic caliber training facilities.

When it comes to production rentals for movies, our facility is available for partial or full-scale exclusivity for production use and more.

If it has been presented to the gymnastics world in any capacity, Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center is the premier and ONLY choice to handle of your production needs from the walkthrough, budget negotiations with Line Producers, recommended equipment for safety on your production set or ours, technicians that can lead your team in proper set-up, strike and management of proper equipment use for the benefit of your ultimate product.

DO NOT DELAY, production rentals for equipment and our services are in HIGH Demand. Please review our in stock items available for production rentals or sales. Most of which do not include labor or transportation. For more information about why we are the best option for production rentals, please call and speak with one of our industry experts: 

We look forward to serving ALL of your production needs!!!

Talent Available for:

1. Male Gymnasts
2. Female Gymnast
3. Rhythmic Gymnast
4. Acrobats
5. Martial Arts
6. Ballerina’s
7. and much more!

Olympic Caliber athletes available for all events.