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Private Lessons

Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center offers private lessons for Los Angeles residents of all ages and skill levels can genuinely benefit from.

Our expertly-trained coaches are here to assist students in achieving their goals, whatever they may be. We see the potential in every student and help them understand the full extent of all they are capable of achieving.

Do you have a try-out or audition coming up? Would you like your child to progress in an ambitious, supervised environment?

We have a history of providing private gymnastics classes Los Angeles gymnasts have consistently depended on to take them to the next level.

Our highly-skilled private gymnastics instructors have an extensive background to accommodate any athlete to reach their athletic goals in an individual training plan set and designed to work with various schedules and budgets.


    Since opening, the school has diversified its offerings by hosting gymnastics-themed birthday parties, summer and winter camps, and adult programs.

    Our team of coaching experts furnishes a consistently high professional standard of training for our private gymnastics classes Los Angeles.

    The team draws on a collection of qualified individuals with origins spanning 14 different nations.

    Each Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center coach must complete several certification courses, including those sanctioned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

    Moreover, 10 of the facility’s 27 coaches hold Master’s degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or have backgrounds in professional athletics.

    That’s we offer gymnastic classes Los Angeles residents of all ages love.

    We provide a competitive program providing training in all Olympic apparatus including beam, bars, vault, and floor exercise. 

    Many of the girls and boys who compete on this level have been taking our private gymnastics classes, Los Angeles.

    Many of our coaches were competitive gymnasts themselves, so they understand the struggle and thrill of competition.

    They create individualized plans to help students work to their highest gymnastic ambitions. Our amazing coaches have taught private gymnastics lessons Los Angeles gymnasts of Olympian levels have gained from.

    With private gymnastics instructor & classes, there’s no way students can slack off. Our coaches push students past their limits and help them understand just how powerful and dynamic their bodies genuinely are.

    We invest in each one of our students; their success is ours.

    The Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center is the ideal place to dive into private lessons for Los Angeles residents of all ages can enjoy and grow from. Please contact our office to schedule your next session. 310.204.1980

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    If you want to get your gymnast into classes, you can contact us today to find out more about what types are available, what services we can offer, and what we can do for your gymnast.