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    Ensuring you have the right gymnastics studio can make a big difference, and Beverly Hills Gymnastics is a cut above the rest.  Renowned for high-quality gymnastics instruction, innovative programs and well-rounded curriculum supporting healthy, happy children.

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    “Terrific school for rhythmic gymnastics! Instructors are awesome. Even if you are a beginner, you’ll learn so much!”

    Erin Fox, mom of Gymnastics student

    Students of all ages and levels come to the Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center for the best gymnastics training in LA

    & Programs

    All coaches are required to complete the USA Gymnastics (national governing body of gymnastics in the United States) and OSHA Infant & CPR certification courses.


    Join the best Parent & Me class in town as we develop Super agile bodies and amazing coordination that will last a Lifetime!


    Imagine an award-winning center that has been working with Pre-School children close to home that is designed to challenge and delight your child! Safety is always #1. The Mini-Tots Class is a specially designed program for 3-4 yrs old children that can attend a group class without a parent.

    Hot Tots Advanced

    This program offers an emphasis on further introduction of gymnastics with physical challenges that is an extension of the Mini-tots program. Students will learn basic tumbling skills on the floor exercise and experience the bars, beam, vault, and more challenging skills. By invitation only!

    Girls Beginning Gymnastics

    Girls Recreational classes are part of the developmental program based on USA Gymnastics (governing body of gymnastics in the United States) guidelines for Pre-Level 1.

    Girls Intermediate Gymnastics

    Girls Recreational classes are part of the developmental program based on USA Gymnastics. These classes have a greater focus on progressive skills and an emphasis of formal introduction to all (4) events. Classes at this level start with 90 minute weekly class and in most cases require previous experience. However, some students may be placed in the Girls Int by instructor recommendation.

    Girls Advanced Gymnastics

    Girls Advanced classes training incorporates a developmental program based on USA Gymnastics guidelines for advanced training. This is the final skill level before moving into the competitive team levels at the Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center.

    Boys Beginner Gymnastics

    This class is for boys interested in the introduction of Gymnastics alongside the USA Gymnastics (governing body of Gymnastics in the United States). The Level 1 program designed to introduce your young boy into the sport of gymnastics while having fun learning basic introductory skills.

    Boys Intermediate Level 2-3

    Our intermediate class helps increase skills required to learn Level 2 & 3. Your child will expand to a 1 & 1/2 hour class with longer rotations with equipment and more body strengthening drills, stronger conditioning to attain skills to prepare your young athlete into a well disciplined and refined young male athlete.

    Tumbling For All Ages

    Tumbling For Cheerleading Groups! Individual Or Group. Tumbling For All Ages!

    Rhythmic Gymnastics Recreational & Competition Teams

    Does your little girl enjoy twirling a ribbon or playing with a hula hoop? Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect answer for your child! If you like the benefit of dance, ballet, expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics your daughter will LOVE Rhythmic Gymnastics!

    Adult Gymnastics Classes

    Come join the Adult Gymnastics class that incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastics abilities. All skill levels are welcomed! Co-ed classes, Beginner - Adv Levels.

    Special Needs Gymnastics

    We are proud to offer a Nationally Recognized Special Education Program at our Beverly Hills studio.

    Private Lessons

    Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center offers private lessons for Los Angeles residents of all ages and skill levels can genuinely benefit from. Our expertly-trained coaches are here to assist students in achieving their goals, whatever they may be. We see the potential in every student and help them understand the full extent of all they are capable of achieving.

    Private In-Home Gymnastics Lessons

    Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center offers private lessons for Los Angeles residents of all ages and skill levels can genuinely benefit from.

    Birthday Parties

    Have the BEST Olympic Birthday Party ever! Are you looking for a Birthday Party idea your child will FLIP over? Give your child the experience of the "Olympic Dream" birthday party and you'll be giving your child a party of Flips, Tumbling, Flying, Climbing, Jumping, Bouncing, Fun and Excitement!

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