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Recreational Gymnastics

What is the Right Age to Start Gymnastics?

Many people think of gymnastics and imagine superhuman athletes, highly disciplined young people with the bodies of Greek gods flipping and twisting through the air with incredible speed and precision. However, competitive gymnastics is not the be all and end all of the sport. The overwhelming majority of people who practice gymnastics, old and young, are normal people who simply benefit from one of the oldest and healthiest forms of athletics in the world. Recreational gymnastics has immense benefits for people of all ages.

Getting into Gymnastics When Young

There are numerous benefits to being encouraged into gymnastics at a young age. Young children are still learning about their bodies and what they are capable of. Coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance: children practice and hone these skills every time they engage in physical play.

Gymnastics at this age is the perfect activity to support their physical development, while also providing a framework to develop such psychological characteristics as confidence, courage, determination, and resilience, all of which will benefit children as they prepare to begin school.

If you choose to put your young child into a gymnastics program, you should look at the Parent and Me classes offered by Beverly Hills School of Gymnastics. We offer one-hour lessons with the best gymnastics coaches in the city, specially trained in working with children to develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and physical ability. Parents are welcome to bring their babies from 18 months and up to practice on real gym equipment adapted to be safe for young bodies. There are also classes for children between the ages of 3 and 5 to participate in without parents present, in which they can learn basic tumbling skills using equipment such as the bars, beam, and mini-vault.

Learning Gymnastics While At School

Recreational gymnastics are highly accessible for school-age children. The United States’ governing body of gymnastics, USA Gymnastics, has a level-based system to develop students’ strength, flexibility, and teach them proper training techniques. At Beverly Hills School of Gymnastics, we are proud to offer classes that teach boys and girls according to this system, helping them progress through the system as they improve their skills. This is a great age to start practicing gymnastics, as it is an opportunity for children to make new friends, build their confidence, and improve their athletic abilities at a time when that starts becoming more important at school.

Trying Gymnastics as an Adult

It’s never too late to discover a passion for recreational gymnastics. There are plenty of ways in which gymnastics can provide value to adults, from the physical activity, to the mental health benefits of physical activity, to the social aspects. Beverly Hills School of Gymnastics has adult gymnastics classes six days a week for people at all levels of ability, from experienced gymnasts to curious people looking for an exciting new way to work out. There are even specialty classes such as parkour, and boot camp programs to really amp up your physical fitness.

If you’re interested in an introductory gymnastics class for you or your child, Beverly Hills School of Gymnastics can help. Call us on (310) 204-1980, or contact us

Jun 17, 2023