Attention Parents! Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your little champion’s big day? Look no further!

Beverly Hills Gymnastics Birthday Parties!

Be a Part of the Glory: Make your child’s day unforgettable as they experience the excitement of their very own Olympic-style celebration.

Every Birthday Child Receives a First Place Medal: It’s their special day, and we want them to feel like a true champion!

No-Stress Planning: Leave the planning to us! We handle every detail, so you can focus on capturing those precious moments.

Memories that Last: Imagine the smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories as your child and their friends embark on an amazing gymnastics journey. Our parties are not just events, but cherished memories in the making.

Limited Availability: Our party slots fill up fast! Don’t miss out on the chance to give your child the birthday bash they’ve always dreamed of.

The Best Olympic Birthday Party EVER!!!

We Have Something For Everyone At Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center!

Every Birthday child receives a 1st Place Gold Medal Award Ceremony!

NOW AVAILABLE: Character for your child’s birthday party, for interactive play with your guests!

Power Rangers, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Donald Duck, Super Heroes, Encanto, Disney characters, and so much more!
Additional fee applies: $299 for 1 hour or $400 for 2 hours

Memories that will last a lifetime!

Tips & Suggestions

The Party Host provides:

  • 4-5 Tablecloths of your choice
  • Bucket or cooler w/ice
  • Self serve Juice boxes or Water bottles Knife, Matches, Candles, tablewear
  • Balloons, banners, decor of your choice.
  • All children 18 months and up will be considered as participants of the event.

Have a Great Time!

What Does The Party Consist Of?

Each party is reserved for a 2 hour time block (unless additional time is requested).

You will be asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to your party start time to prepare for set-up and guest arrival.

At this time you will be greeted by a Birthday Party Instructor and questions and/or instructions will be given.

As your guests arrive, they will check-in with you in the lobby.

Once all guests have checked in, participants will be led to the party.

The first 15 minutes will be a supervised warm-up accompanied by music and dance. Party host can choose music selection or a kids-appropriate music will be played throughout the event.

As the warm-up concludes, every group of 10 students will be grouped with 1 instructor (boys/girls and age) and placed in a circuit of activities. The floor activities include relay races, gymnastics, games, obstacle courses, zip-line, and much more!

The activities will run for approximately 90 minutes. Once all floor activities are concluded, this is when the party host can serve choice of provided refreshments, food and cake. Party host will have the last 30 minutes to wrap up the party activities. You may modify the schedule by special request or if you choose to add additional time to your party date.

Gymnastics Activity will include obstacle courses, parachute games, and/or other fun activities using gymnastics apparatus. There is no FREE PLAY in the gymnastics area. Only the parents of the birthday child are allowed on the gym floor. For parties with children attending that are 3 or under, one parent will be allowed to participate with the child. All guests, spectators, non-participants, and visitors must stay in the lobby. Children who can not stay with an instructor and or group (i.e.: unruly children, toddlers) will be asked to view the party in the lobby until the conclusion of the party time block.
General Birthday Party Information

Thank you for your interest in booking your child’s birthday party at Beverly Hills Gymnastics Center.

In an effort to make the experience enjoyable and effortless for you, we would like to provide you with the following additional information:

1) Parties with children aged 3 years and under require one coach for every 8 children, as opposed to the regular 10 to 1 ratio.
2) Party host to provide all decorations, tablecovers, food, beverages, utensils, etc.
3) Coaches fees payable before party begins by Venmo or Zelle: $90.00 per coach, with a minimum of 2 coaches per party. Gratuity not included but greatly appreciated.
4) Ensure the party ends promptly.
5) Pay fees as follows:

a. $775.00 gym fees for parties for up to 20 (gym and party room 2 hours) is tax-deductible, California Code Section 501C3: up to 20 kids.

b. $850.00 gym fee for parties of 21-30 participants.

c. $999.00 gym fee for parties of 31-40 participants.

d. $1099.00 gym fee for parties of 41-50 participants.

*For 50+ child guests, please contact a party reservation specialist for special pricing.

e. $250.00 for an additional 1/2 hour of gym time.

$90 per coach. Minimum 2 coach requirement.
(Gratuity not included but much appreciated, payable by Venmo or Zelle).

f. $90.00 additional per coach per additional hour, for extended parties beyond the initial two-hour booking.

7) Pay a 50% processing fee for parties re-scheduling 3 weeks before the scheduled date.

8) Non-refundable within 14 business days from the party.

Pay fees as follows

up to 20 kids
Gym fees for parties for up to 20 (gym amd party room 2 hours) is tax-deductible, California Code Section 501C3: up to 20 kids
21 — 30 participants
Gym fee for parties of 21-30 participants.
31 — 40 participants
Gym fee for parties of 31-40 participants.
41 — 50 participants
Gym fee for parties of 41-50 participants.
For an additional 1/2 hour of gym time $90 per coach. Minimum 2 coach requirement.
(Gratuity not included but much appreciated, payable by cash).
$90.00 for each coach extended parties for each additional hour.

Optional: Characters for Interactive Play $299 for 1 hour or $400 for 2 hours

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