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Rhythmic Gymnastics Recreational & Competition Teams

Rhythmic Gymnastics Recreation & Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Teams

Does your little girl enjoy twirling a ribbon or playing with a hula hoop? Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect answer for your child! If you like the benefit of dance, ballet, expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics your daughter will LOVE Rhythmic Gynmastics! Introductory level of the beautiful Olympic sport is designed to teach young girls how to work with a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, clubs, and flexibility in a routine.

This program offers the best all-around physical education complement to any young girl’s physique and development. Our exclusive Rhythmic Gymnastics Recreational Program includes semi-annual performances, self-sesteem, and performance-building skills that will last a lifetime! All programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Masters’s Degrees and Physical Education Degrees from Europe. Please visit our center to receive more information about the award-winning Rhythmic Gymnastics Program. Specialty Flexibility and Ballet classes & Adult Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs have been added to this award-winning program.

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